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LJ's been doing odd things lately. I'm kind of wondering if others are able to see my posts. No one replied to my last post at all, so I'm really hoping it's just b/c you guys didn't have anything to say, and not because my posts arn't going through >..<
I've just finished cropping all the Ushi photos.. and I'm kind of wondering what to do with them. I need to re-size them, I suppose.. and upload them all to the FTP. Then, perhaps.. Mako can put them on the site? I dunno... XP
I don't think we got enough photos of the Sasha costume, though.. and only ONE of the Bloodberry pictures turned out. I'm pretty depressed about that. Only one turned out.. and all the rest have big black shadows& blotches on them. SUCK.
I somehow managed to get sick, too. It never fails. No matter how many vitamins, how much sleep... no matter what, I always seem to come back sick. I didn't even do any drinking this weekend! BLAH. At least now I know the throat scratichess I had all weekend was because of sickness, and not because of shouting. ( I was very confused by that, b/c I hadn't been shouting or talking excessively)
So here's a short run-down

Damn the car is full. I am NEVER bringing this many costumes to a convention again. Sorry. Every frickin' think I own is just too much >..< The only costumes I like that I didn't bring were Sarasa, Mana, & Rabi. The costumes that went were:
Silky, Bloodberry, Kurei, Mokona, Moogle Dress, Tifa, Machi, Random Slytherin, Otaru
And beleive me.. that took up two suitcases, a backpack, and THEN some... for the Silky bow, the Bloodberry ropes, the Silky Wig, Silky armor, etc.
On top of that, we had Ringo's tub-o-costumes, and a bag or two of hers, (In her defense, she packed really light! :D ) and a suitcase& two small bags for my brother..Some garment bags, my camera, a red mail bag filled with random stuff that can't be bent, my makeup& overnight bags (in MY defense, both very small) a sufficient quantity of food, a lot of drinks, and a large cooler XP
And it all fit +3 people in my happy PT Cruiser.
The ride up was uneventful, and we found everything ok. We also got checked into the hotel and the convention quickly, and were able to get into Silky& Sasha in time for our Cosplay Panel at 1 pm.
:batman music: MEANWHILE...
Celine was flying on her way to the convention. Had we known in advance that we would have been able tmo leave the parking lot and return without incurring another parking charge, we would have been able to get settled into the hotel and then send Ray to go pick her up. She ended up taking a cab ( I think ) from the Air[prt to the hotel, and had Ray meet her in the Lobby during our panel, though, so it all worked out in the end.
The costume panel went well. Lots of questions were asked. There were a lot of good questions, and to my surprise, a lot of note-taking! I felt that I talked too much, though, and didn't give Ringo a chance to talk more.. but towards the end, there were more sewing-related questions, and less fiberglass-related questions.. so I guess it balanced out in the end. Ringo was wearing her Sasha costume, and I think it was a really popular costume that Friday. I'm not sure how many people recognized her, but she got a lot of attention. A GOOD example of how to use satin!
After that, the Silky headdress was giving me a headache, so we headed back up to the room to find Celine, grab a bite to eat, and let me change out. I decided to wear the dogsuits with Ray.. but that didn't last long, either.. b/c they're fleecy and warm XD So then later, I put on my Slytherin Hogwarts uniform. I'd forgottten my knee-high socks and my sweater, but since I had the tie& skirt& shirt& Robe, I doubt anyone really noticed XP I don't really remember doing a whole lot more friday, though. Friday night, I decided to visit the ROC party, only to find out it was really the Chaos Bros. party? XD Ah well.. same people..... same. drunk. people.
I thought I was going to party this weekend, but when I got there and saw the sheer ammount of underage people there, the will kind of just left me. The hotel rooms up there were tiny.. and they packed so many people in there that I really wasn't comfortable, and didn't stay long.
Goat got REALLY REALLY stinking drunk. haha. The thing I think I love the best about when some of these people get drunk is how much they seem to all love me when they're drunk. My drunk freinds love everyone. They can always say somthing nice, and often crack me up with how forward they are XD Not that I don't like them when they're sober.. but it's kinda funny once or twice a year to have someone say
"If I thought I could get up from the floor right now, I'd bow down to your cosplay greatness" HAHAHAHAHA XD The Nazi in me just loves it.
In any case.. I made an effort to try and get some sleep somewhat early, b/c Sat was a big day....

The day of Iron Cosplay. The moment of truth. Would it all work out? Was it all doomed to failure? We spent a lot of time on Friday explaining it to people and advertising.. so I was really hoping we'd pack the panel room. We didn't get a whole lot of people at first.. but that's the way things are at conventions. Unless you've got an established panel that people have attended in the past, it's hard to get ANYONE to show up on time. It was a very pleasant surprise to see Steve Bennet, though. I wasn't sure if he would be able to make it to be a celebrity judge, so when he did, I was very happy. He saved the panel in a few of the quiet moments, I think. He's also such a crowd pleaser, it really helped a lot. We also had Goat, Jase/Merle-kun, Celine, and Loggera as celebrity judges. There's a good chance a lot of the people at the panel didn't know who some of them were, but they're all celebrities to me, so it's all good :P In any case, for a first-time panel, I think it went VERY well! Had we been in main programming, and not Panel 2, I think it would have worked much better, b/c we would have had a raised stage to put the judges on, and we would have been able to move the participant's tables towards the middle. We would have also (We being Ringo& I as the announcers) been able to stay out of the way a bit more. I think when we do it again, I'd also like to get microphones hooked up. I'm wondering if we ought to pitch it to A-kon, and request to be in a large panel room/ main programming... because the raised stage and the space would REALLY help. I'm fairly confident that at a con like A-kon we could fill a larger room without a problem. I think I also would have liked to have remembered to write up a proposal to be printed in the Ushi program book, too.. but these are all good ideas for next time.
In any case... Ringo wore her cute Hello Kitty outfit, and I wore my ghetto-fabulous moogle costume. Huzzah!
After the panel, we rushed back up to the room to put on the Sabre J costumes... but the maid was in the room! Ahhh! We coudln't tape up my chest with her there, so we had to wait for her to leave. Unfortunately, when we did get started on the latex, it took a lot longer than expected. IT probably would have gone more quickly had we been able to dry me with the hairdryer. IT took 3 coats to get the color uniform.. which is about what I was expecting.. but it ended up looking really really good in the end, I think! I'm not sure whether or not to take it as a compliment, though, when my finishing touches& props get more attention than the costume itself. I mean.. it's kind of obvious that the Bloodberry costume IS a clevage costume, and WILL be attention-grabbing due to the bright orange shiny boobs. I think in the end, I was really hoping to hear someone say "Wow.. that's the best bloodberry I've ever seen." I didn't get that.. so I think I need to work on the costume some more...
I think I've felt the worst about my weight that day than I ever have about a costume before. This convention was the weight-conscious convention for me.. and even though I've been steadily losing weight and dieting.. I still have a long way to go. I've also had a hard time accepting the fact that I just simply cannot pull off the costume I want to pull off due to my weight... it makes me very discouraged about my Millenia costume. Very discouraged. I've put entirely too much money in it now to give it up.. but it's so depressing to think that my legs my still be this big at A-kon. It's a horrible thought, but I couldn't help but wonder if I would have gotten that "Wow.. that's the best ever..." comment if only I was 50-75 pounds lighter. IT's painfully obvious to me when my really thin freinds go on about how fat they feel in certain costumes, when they really look fantastic.
On occassion, I wonder if cosplay is really a hobby for 14 year olds and anorexics. For me, I don't have to look EXACTLY like the character.. but not being an eyesore in spanex would certainly help my self esteem.
The other thing that really bugged me about the bloodberry costume was the back thing. The ropes. They kept getting smooshed and shoved and crammed in the car and out that they broke. I really don't know if I can fix the goddamn things without having to tear them apart completely, and it makes me want to cry. I spent so much time working on them, only to have them broken on the way there.. and mangled many more times by my brother. I was afraid to use the full mobility of that costume because of it. I had to rip open the side and duct-tape a few peices together, but it still slid to the middle of my back. IT was so depressing T..T And people kept saying "Why didn't you use such-and-such" or "It would look so good if only you had done such-and-such" I wanted to scream and go on a homocidal rampage. Plus, Ringo got to hear" Oh, too bad your shoes don't squeak" PLENTY of times during the convention.
It makes me not want to make costumes any more! It's not fun that way!
Anyways... back to the convention..

Well, I didn't really do anything else either Sat or Sun. I went to bed early on Sat b/c I didn't feel well. I kept following Jeff around hoping that I could stay awake or feel a little less depressed, but then all the walking around hit me in full force, and my one knee started acting up again. I went back to the room to get my knee-brace, but even with that, I ended up limping and hobbling around a great deal.. so I just gave it up and went back to the room

Sunday.. it was a mad dash to get in costume and get everything packed back in the car.. AND find room for Celine. It all worked in the end, though. We wandered around a lot until a really good wig panel (SHE was in main programming, and only had 3 people.... why couldn't WE have been in main programming? ;P Ah well.. our panel was on a Sat... so we got lots of happy traffic!) I enjoyed the panel a lot, and learned some new things. We basically spent the rest of our time there wandering around, and taking a few last laps around the dealer's room.. then we took Celine to the airport to catch her flight back home. That was an adventure and a half! We packed the car tight, and managed to fit her keyblade in there along with the rest of her stuff.. oh yeah, and Celine too XD It just BARELY fit.. but she got there safely, and we re-arranged everything and headed home.
I still need to unpack. Pictures to follow, soon?

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