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Back from Ushi!

Yay! We're back! Everything went really well.
Everyone seemed to have fun at our panels.. except one fucking bastard, who couldn't manage to say anything nice. But.. that's only one person, and everyone else seemed to have fun.
Costumes went well..
I didn't get the straps put on the Bloodberry shoes.. but I don't think anyone noticed. Someone did come up to me in the dealer's room, and ask if I was the chick with the baloons. >..<

XD So.. no one noticed the costume's flaws. Since we had so much other stuff to do that day, though, and because the latex was taking a long time, I didn't have time to do my arms up. Maybe for A-kon.
Yeah.. the sabre J group was just Bloodberry, Lime, & Otaru. None of the others who were considering costumes brought them, which is a shame... but hopefully we'll be able to find quite a few people to take pictures with at A-kon.
I'll probably write up some more commentary on the convention later...
But it was tons of fun, and everyone should have seen Celine's Tifa cosplay XD hhahahahaha. Talent!

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