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I'm a bit miffed. I wrote a happy long journal entry, and it didn't go through >..<

Then I went to check my email. That has a tendency to make me aggravated.
Especially when I get pestered incessently by idiots. Oh, so many idiots. Fanboys, fangirls, stalkers, idiots, all alike.. And I try.. oh so hard.. not to write the long venomous replies back to them. It is the war between the very large vindictive bitch portion of myself.. and the small guilt portion of myself. The guilt portion, I think, it almost gone. I think the vindictive bitch beat it up and ate it. One of these days, I'm just going to tell off the people I want to tell of, when I want to tell them off, and be said and done with it. I'm not afraid to live with the consequences of my actions, and contrary to popular belief, my brain works all the time. Whether I am under stress, under water, or under the weather, I still breathe and think. There's nothing I say when I'm stressed that I don't mean in one context or another..and while in retrospect, my guilt portion may make me feel a bit bad for beind so nasty about it.. it's usually the same sentiment none the less. Unless my guilt wins me over, and I don't say everything on my mind. o..O And that's almost worse, in a way.. because then it gnaws at me... making it more and more tempting to say somthing nasty the next time. Ahhh.. life is hard ^..^


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