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A couple of brownies and a little bit of wine later...

and whee! Wow! Is everything done already? hahahah

No.. it's not. I still have a lot to do.. but I got a lot done, and Bloodberry is absolutely wearable now. Yay!

I still haven't shot the person who took the elmer's glue, but I haven't looked into that yet..
All Silky repairs still need to get done, but the wig isn't in as bad a shape as I thought
Bloodberry gloves are 110% finished. I rock. I need to spot-check the armor, and wgip-stitch the velcro down,and I will be completely satisfied with the durability of them. It looks like one of the spikes got chipped somehow >..< I'm a bit dissappointed, b/c it looks like the very tip broke off. If I paint it silver, though, no one will notice.
Still need to paint earrings one last time.. but I'm about to do that now
Otaru Gloves done
Food bought
Gas bought
Still need to pack& checklist all costumes
Still need to print out directions to hotel
It's too late to pre-pack. I don't think Ringo will be getting here until pretty late in the evening, and by then, Goat will already have left. So.. Just have to cross fingers on that one
Still need to update emergency box
Still need to make fliers and pack invites
I forgot to put together the Iron Cosplay kits, too. Noticed that was missing off last night's list. No problem. I still need to go out to the dollar store and get the "theme items" for the costumes. I can put the kits together then
Progress looks good. Cheap mini-bottles of arbor mist makes good progress look better. If I can finish the Otaru shoes today, AND get the rest of that done, I will be a very happy person.


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