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Must escape...

There's too much to do for me to wallow in all these problems. I need to focus on this weekend.
But.... there are problems popping up left and right there, too. I HATE the fact that I couldn't find a stable Otaru until the very end. I hate the fact that I've had to make this entire costume. The sewing wasn't bad.. but I about killed myself last night trying to work on the shoes. The wood is too goddamned hard. I couldn't drive a nail into it. I doubt staples will go in, either.. but at least I got the thongs attached to the wooden base... I hammered in the finishing nails as far as they would go.. and then blind rage helped me hammer them off sideways& down. PEICE OF SHIT! So much rage........
I worked on the cuffs for the Otaru gloves last night, too.. but I couldn't finish them because I don't know the size of Ray's hands..so I'll have to wait until he puts them on. Thankfully, Goat came by to help last night. I set him on doing crap for those shoes, b/c if I had to touch them anymore, I would have gone absolutely ballistic.
I also finished my earrings.. only to realize that they need touch-up paint. Ooops. Forgot that. Will have to do it today.
I still haven't figured out my shoes yet. May not finish those? I don't know...

In any case.. things I still have to do:

Find out who the hell stole my elmer's glue, and shoot them.
Buy new elmer's glue, and Try and repair the Silky wig
paint the inside of the paper tubes on the silky wig
Go out and buy velcro strips for the Bloodberry gloves'
Try and figure out the bloodberry shoes
paint the earrings one last time
finish the otaru shoes
put the cuffs on the Otaru gloves
checklist all the costumes and get them packed
buy food
get wedding invitations packed
get makeup and latex packed (remember slick spray, vaseline, moisterizer, razor lipstick)
put gas in car
get directions to airport and convention
Figure out the parking dilemma
Pre-pack the car to see what won't fit
make fliers for Iron Cosplay panel
Put together "Oh crap!!!" box. Still needs duct tape, electrical tape, any& all emergency bits pertaining to current costumes
Find all the silky bits and pack them

breathe... breathe... I KNOW I'm forgetting stuff... but I'll get to that part once I get all that other crap done


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