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Ack.. not another!!!

Thanks a lot, Max! :P Max made me this great MP3 disk filled with all sorts or J-rock I'd normally not try... and I ended up liking almost all the bands on there..I didn't think I'd like Ailene Ma'riage that much, but these songs have changed my mind.. I'll have to go find more and DL more now. I'm still looking for more Buck-Tick and Baiser before I decide what CDs to pick up, though....Maybe I should ask Matt to get them all.. LoL. I still can't say I'm a huge Madeth fan.. but perhaps it's because the vocalist reminds me a little bit of that guy from Cradle of Filth... and the rest is a long, long, story...
There is an INSANELY addictive song on here... It's titled only as "Satomi's Drug Store" and has no "artist" on here whatsoever. It's driving me up the wall.. It seems like somthing that would come out of the School Spirit TV show on Haunted Junction...and it's on crack... Maybe I'll make a clip and put it on my website for you.. Don't hold your breath, though. :/
Matt's parents are in town, and I've been doing all sorts of diff things like playing the new Lunar II release. (All the Omake are REALLY cool :P ) and I've been scanning in artwork like heck. Most of it is older stuff, but I'm trying to mix it with newer stuff as well.. so that when people view my stuff, they don't think I suck(too much).. lol
I suppose that's what life is about... conning others into thinking you're a decent person... I suppose that's one of the many reasons I like Halloween so much. Maybe i'll start giving "Halloween presents" and stop giving X mas presents and still all the best aspects of the year in one holiday. I'm rambling too much, so I'm gonna go back to scanning things in :P

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