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every few hours?
I've come to a bit of a roadblock with my Bloodberry earrings. I had it aaaalll planned out, which means it should be going smoothly! That's how things work after I plan them out! :P But.. even with the middles taken out of the yoyo-balls, they're still too heavy to suspend from my peircings. On TOP of that... they really arn't holding primer too well... T..T Shame on me.. I tried christmas balls after all.. and they're super-light! I CANNOT resort to just wearing christmas balls in my ears, though!!! If I do, I need to find some way to trim down the tops and make them look like normal big-ass odd earrings. Not like I took the ornament off the tree and put it in my ear. I HATE it when cosplayers do that, so I refuse to do it myself!
So... last night, Elya and I brainstormed for a few hours, and she came up with a brilliant idea! And the (most fun?) best part is.. it's somthing I NEVER would have throught of. I just got that "oh-so-new" feeling that gets me excited about problem-solving and troubleshooting costumes all over again ^..^ She suggested that I keep the yo-yo balls.. keep working with them.. get them finished.. and then instead of hanging them from my peircings.. make a loop and hang them OVER my whole ear! The best part is.. I really think this will work.. and if I make the loop small/tight enough, I think they'll hang from just the right place.. and they'll be much closer to my ear-lobe and my face than if I had hung them from my peircings. I hope to find some way to finish these today!
I just don't know what color to make them T..T
Should I paint them gold, or yellow? They look yellow-ish.. but kind of metallic. They look more gold on the LD cover. Not sure what I ought to do. Because.. they kinda copped-out on the TV animation, and cut corners wherever they could. So.. I have the option (gah... once again) of trying to be loyal to the character design.. and how they were ment to look.. or loyal to the corners cut on the TV show. These things are always difficult to decide on the small details >..<
Same thing with my lady Eboshi costume. Is she wearing Hakama? The world may never know!!!! Since it's ghibli art.. everything looks happy and bubbly. Lady Eboshi's pants look like they're pressed in the front... but don't have any other pleats on them. They LOOK like they have a hakama waistband... but they look "softer," because of Miyazaki's fruity cute-ness. So the question is... while the seem to most definitely be MEANT to be hakama.. do I get hakama to be realistic to what they would look like in real life, or do I be realistic to the liberties taken in the movie and make fake-hakama? On top of that..price is factoring a LOT into this.. as a pair of real hakama (granted I can find them in that nice dark grey.. SHOULDN'T be a problem.. but still.. you never know..) will cost 75.00 and upwards. Making a "fake" pair out of suiting will cost 20 bucks or less. The worst part is.. I have no strong conviction either way.. so I really don't know what to do >..< If I wear Hakama.. I will be much sharper-looking than if I wear "softer" looking pants. If I wear fake ones.. not only will it be cheaper, I will look more "ghibli," I think... but I may also take a lot of flak for being what others may conceive as ghetto. Or they may not even notice XP


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