HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

More stuff done

Yesterday I finished the main part of the cape. I need to finish the seams the way I wanted.. since I messed up on the lining. Then, I need to put the hood on, and hem the bottom. After that, it'll be done! Then back to work on modifying the pattern for the wedding dress. (Which, incidentally, has been going pretty good so far.)
I have a lot of work to do with the wedding invitations today. All the stuff for family is ready to go. I don't have a mailing address for my aunt Jolie, though. O..o So I guess if I mail these all out this afternoon, she might get hers a few days later.
I need to cut out my tissue-paper and turn all the invites into letter bombs today. (I'm putting confetti in them, yay! The trick is to make them look fancy! XD )
After they're all ready to go, I need to make sure I have enough stamps, & mail then all out. They may not get mailed today, though. I DO need to go to the post office, and mail somthing to M's mom, though... so we'll see how much I get done >..<

Soo.. if I get all that done, and it's not too cold outside, I may work on my bloodberry costume some more. If not, I'll work on my cape. Should I get any or all of that done... (Not bloody likely) I'll work on the Otaru costume some more and/or my wedding dress.


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