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Busy Busy Busy

Today, I feel like working on my website. Currently my biggest concern is getting all my art scanned in, thumbnailed, and archived on my website. This is a MASSIVE task, because I have 5 sketchbooks in front of me, and I'm eventually going to get everything up there... Even the junk. I'm going to have a junk section of the stuff I didn't like, but didn't throw away for some odd reason. I'm currently working on getting some of the more worthwhile stuff up there...ah... Keeping busy..
I've been amusing myself with the SIMS game lately, too. Gotta love playing god with other people's lives... I can make them whatever I like..heh.... the expansion is very cool
I made Matt grab me that MP3 disk, so now that I'm home, I get to listen to it. It starts out with a very cool metal Christmas mix of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen & Carol of the Bells. Very nice... Well.. off to work.


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