HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Tonight's work

Well.. I wasn't able to accomplish what I wanted to today, either. The weather just isn't on my side. Goat and I got the basics of the fiberglass work finished.. but we've been waiting all night, and the fiberglass hasn't set at all! I know I added enough hardener! I added probably a little more than I should have for the ammount of resin I mixed.. but since it's so cold, the fiberglass just isn't setting. Hopefully, it will be set tomorrow. Since I have tomorrow off, if the resin sets, I can hope to trim it, sand it, and get the bondo on there. If I get past the initial parts, I should have enough entusiasm to finish the spikes and get it all finished up. In the mean time, I hope to try and figure out the shoe problem. Maybe hot glue?
I've also been helping Goat with his costume. It's really all I can do right now.
I can't help anyone else with their costumes right now, because there's no one else here for me to help. There are sewing projects that should take top priority, but because of a little thing called distance, I can't help at all, and some people are getting pissed off about it. >..<
FINE THEN! Go be pissy!


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