HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Monday.. ick!

While it's Monday, I'm still in the mood to rush through costumes.. especially after my invigorating phone conversation last night. So.. in the spirit of things, my goals:


Now.. I could say that I wanted to work on the Otaru costume.. but let's be realistic here, folks.. if I get the bloodberry costume done, I can pretty much guarantee that I'll only want to sit around the house in costume, act violent, take lots of pictures, and not really do much of anything else! Bwaha!

On the other hand.. I'm not sure I'll have my earrings done tonight, b/c I don't have eariing hooks... and I don't really feel like going out, b/c I've been up since 5:30 AM. (Had to work at 6 AM) But.. if everything it done except the earrings... and if I can find my black vinyl, I WILL suit up in full costume to test everything out. That means.. if I finish everything in a timely fashion, I'll even put on full latex! ^..^ (Have to shave my arms! whee!) So here's for hoping....

In any case.. even if I don't complete the entire costume, I WILL take pictures. I just won't go all out with the latex. Ok.. well, maybe on my chest, b/c that cut-out panel in the middle feels kinda breezy~! Nya!

XD I'm looking forward to getting lots of work done! I just have to motivate myself enough to pull out the fiberglassing stuff!

Ooohh... I REALLY hope I win these boots I'm bidding on. I'm willing to go up higher on them, b/c they're perfect for the costume..but I don't want to have to pay a LOT and then hack them up. Here's for hoping...


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