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Goat came over, and suddenly the list of things I was going to do got very small!!

I'm just about finished with the ropes, though.
I am REALLY REALLY REALLY glad I decided to put them all together HERE, though, and not at the convention. They would have been SOOO much easier to transport in peices.. but I really needed the time to wear them and mess with them to work out the kinks. So.. they're all put together.. and if I may say so, they look damn good XD
ASk Goat!
Goat, say somthing!

Anyway... I still need to put a few final stitches in the shoulder straps, but my dorsal array is now very impressive!

Anothing BIG highlight of the night: I got to talk to Mr. Monster! It was so much fun. ^..^ I missed him. Goat seemed to notice that I seem to get more perverted around Mr. Monster, though.. lol. No, really.. I'm always that perverted! Mr. Monster just seems to bring out that side of me XD (Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, though.. heh) In any case... it was VERY VERY nice to talk with him again. And best yet, he told me he'd wear the Otaru costume!!! Now I need to buy the hair extention I need to temporarily attach to his brown wig.. and I need to work on getting the shoes done. Lots more stuff on my list, oh my!
I hope I can get everything finished in time...

In any case.. I helped Goat massively improve upon his Heisenburgh lab coat. (It was very... eclectic.. before. Now it's nearly snazzy.)

I didn't really work on anything else. I mean, I finished the straps for my shoes.. but I haven't figured out how to attach them yet.

We're working on fiberglass tomorrow, too.

Busy day. I need sleep, b/c I'm working at 6 am tomorrow!


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