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I'm back....

Hey guys. I'm back from HELL. In other words... I'm back in Waco from south Texas. I could go on and on and on about all the health problems I aquired while staying with my parents..(near-death due to the inability to breathe could be one, for example..) But, I'll rest on that for the moment.
There was (ODDLY ENOUGH!) an asian market in McAllen. I was able to buy large tubs of Konnyaku jelly there. That made me VERY happy. They are large buckets filled with about 88 individually wrapped containers of Konnyaku in snack size. If you don't know what it is, Konnyaku is actually the name of a japanese root that they make a jello-like substance with. It doesn't melt and is slightly more.. hmm.. chewy, I suppose.. It's a little bit more *al dente* than your typical jello, plus it's healthier since it's not made from animal by-products ::coughs:: (like jello). It has no flavor by itself, but when made into snack food, it's usually given fruit flavor. I bought a tub of Peach and a tub of lichi (some odd Japanese berry that's spelled a gajillion different ways and tastes really interesting) for later enjoyment. I figured I'd stock up.. heh.
I got quite a few interesting things for christmas.. including a HIDE photobook from my mom!! Well.. I knew it was coming, because I told her exactly wat to order and where to order it.. but it's REALLY awesome. It's a lot of X-Japan era photos, and not only are the pictures gorgeous, but the photobook itself it laid out really well, and has some creative coversheets in ricepaper.
So.. you guys know I've been frustrated with the CoK lately.. well.. today I came up with a good idea for a banner for the CoK page I'll be working on. I figure that I'll have the entire page up, functional, and more importantly.. UPDATED so that when I'm ready to take everything over, all I have to do is replace the links to the sites. I came up with a really sweet banner idea, so I suppose I'll have to write it down before I forget. I also plan on FINISHING a lot of the sections that Shizuka started when she began working on the page.. that way the CoK page will have quite a bit more to explore on there. I wonder if this new inspiration has anything to do with the dream I had about Kyo last night?
I was in Japan at some sort of school festival, and Kyo was working a booth where they sold bracelets. some guy was going to attack him and kill him with a sword, but I pulled out a rusty ugly looking sword, kicked his butt with it, and drove him off. Then, I got to talk to Kyo.. I started to speak to him in Japanese, but because I've only had 4 college semesters of it, I didn't know the words for everything I wanted to say... Then the strange part.. Kyo answered all my questions in PERFECT english. He had a slight accent, but sentance structure and pronunciation was all correct. By the end of the dream, I as telling him about the CoK and wondering why I didn't just start talking to him in english and stop trying to speak Japanese. Perhaps I was trying to impress him with the fact that I was learning Japanese so I could do things like that? Who knows....
Odd dream


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