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Integral weekend update!

The time is 3:46, and the new couch is in place!

My thong-thing is finished! It's not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be O..o (For those of you wondering& not familiar with Sabre J, a white/wilver thong is worn OVER a black bodysuit for this costume)
But it was pretty damn difficult to make without a pattern XP
I did cut up a pair of my old underwear to make it.. but I found out after I'd cut out the spandex two intersting things:

Heavy duty spandex? Tell me why it's only 2-way stretch, and not 4-way, please >..< Made cutting things out interesting, and I had to make it in more peices than I originally planned.

The cut of my underwear and the cut of the thong are different enough to cause problems when fitting XD

In any case.. depending on how much I get finished today, and whether or not I go down to Lowe's, I may or may not have pictures.

I couldn't find silver, so I used white. IT's thick enough that it looks good. I sprayed a remnant silver and it looks like crap, so I'm going with the white.

More to come as I finish more of the costume!


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