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Christmas was kind of weird this year. I wasn't able to go home, becasue of work. So, we celebrated here at home. Except.. M-kun& I are horrible XD We opened most of our presents before Christmas.. and kind of made our own type of Haunakah b/c we're impatient.. BWAHAHAH. In any case... Since M-kun usually visits down at my parent's place with me, we decided to do things his way this year. His family always opened everything Christmas eve, b/c when he was little, apparently, he'd wake up at 3 am on christmas morning, and his parents decided to get around that by letting them open things the day before, so they could sleep in on Christmas. Sounds like a plan!
So, we opened everything yesterday, slept in late today, and I conquered Rygar (A present I bought for him.. lol)
Since everyone's making lists, here's what M-kun bought for me:
A VERY VERY beautiful kotobukiya statue. It's Meir Link& Charlotte from Vampire Hunder D:Bloodlust. It looks prettier in person than in the photo I found on the net
A Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust action figure of D. XD Huzzah for D!
The new GBA Zelda game. It's the one that was ported over from SNES, and to this day, it remains one of my favorite games EVER. And now I have it on GBA. :D
X vol 18!!! The series is going to end soon.. and this volume is very heavy in story... T..T I'm going to be so sad when it's over...

Ok.. when I get a new X manga. I'm HORRIBLE. I always flip through really fast to check a few things.
1) Who dies this volume?
2) Who's the side-story in the back about? (if there is one)
3) Did Arashi& Sorata finally get it on this volume?
4) How evil is Fuuma THIS time?
5) WRF is up with Evil Hinoto

You see..
1~~ The issue's ending soon. You and I know damn well that nearly everyone's going to end up dead by the end. They don't have much more time to kill everyone off by the time they run out of the major arcana. In fact, it looks from the spine that Fuuma is the next card, and on the next manga, and his face is large like Kamui's.. thereby nicely framing the spine art. That means, 19 may or may not be the last manga (though they'd have a shitload of stuff to do& tie up by then..)
2~~ The last side story was ADORABLE, and about Kamui saving a puppy T..T
3~~Arashi has STILL been rather quiet about her feelings towards Sorata, and only in the more recent issues has she openly displayed real concern and caring towards him.
4~~ DAAAAMN Fuuma's an evil bastard. He's worse than Seishiro.
5~~ Since I haven't read any good translations for the past few volumes yet, I'm still not sure what entirely is up with evil Hinoto

1~~ Nataku! T..T I was so surprised. I was dead set on thinking he was THE MOST EVIL BASTARD ALIVE, but I've since changed my mind. Nataku was filled with so much angst and sadness about not being able to feel anything or have a soul (yet he could still feel angst! This should have been an indicator of somthing..)Now.. I need to seriously sit down and read this with a dictionary so I know EXACLTY what's going on.. but it seems that there is a VERY deep connection between Nataku and Karen. She seems to have known him from when he was very little. I really need to look this up.. but it looks like the old man who created him may be Karen's grandfather or somthing like that >..< All I know is that they really seem to connect.
He shows up in this really neat trenchcaot... and kills nataku! >..< Nataku dies protecting Karen, and then Fuuma runs off with Nataku's body.. so you can't be 100% certain he's dead.. but there's a big freaking hole in the middle of his chest where his heart& lungs should be >..<
2~~ No side story in this one. Too much going on
3~~Arashi and Sorata get it on! o..o Wow! Who would have thought they would go for it?? Last tank, Sorata uses his mystical Bhuddist powers to protect Arashi, and ends up in the hospital because of it. Arashi shows up, and they share some very intimate moments together. She's really upset that he got hurt, and she's crying. Sorata comforts her, despite the pain, and she stays with him all night. Next tank: Sorata is naked! (but still bandaged) and Arashi is naked in bed with him! :O Wow! Poor Sorata.. he's going to die for certain now.. and when he does, I'm going to cry a lot!!!
4~GODDAMN FUUMA! Leave Subaru alone! You have other young boys to molest! And Subaru's now messed up enough as it is >..< With Seishiro dead, that makes him the next sakurazukamori, and Fuuma gave him an eye last tank >..< Now Fuuma kills Nataku, continues to mindfuck Subaru.. and is starting to look a lot more like Kamui... (He's growing his hair out... but damn he's evil!)
5~~ More evil hinoto. She talks.. er.. speaks.. er.. thinks.. in much more complex Japanese than any of the other characters, and so I never understand what she's saying. Need time with the dictionary. edit: After reading about this some more & catching up on translations, it appears that Hinoto's darker side doesn't want Hinoto's dream to come true. She wants to kill off all the dragons of heaven so that none of them will be left to kill her. Evil hinoto is pretty stupid. XP By being evil hinoto, she's causing her own death.

And yes.. I'm horrible for posting all this speculation w/out sitting down w/it for a while.. but DAMN! XD


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