HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
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House emergency!

I was cooking on the gas-top range, when... (You know stories like this NEVER start well..)

Anyway.. I was cooking, (boiling water for jello)and I turned the stove off. A few seconds later, I heard a weird little click that sounded like the sparking mechanism that creates the spark that ignites the gas on the stove-top. Well.. I looked at the stove oddly, but nothing happened. I went back to stirring my jello. A few seconds later, the clicking noise happened again.
This kind of annoyed me, but I kept stirring.
A few seconds later, it clicked again, but this time it wouldn't stop!!! clickclickclickclickclick >..< AAHHHH!

I tried everything from starting the gas up on all ranges, to pushing the knobs down repeatedly to find out WHY a circuit was being created when one shouldn't be there. I was worried about loose wires, etc.. and THE CLICKING JUST KEPT ON GOING. It was like if the spirit of a dead roach or somthing was haunting me.. just like in "The Telltale Heart." It was seriously driving me mad, and it WOULDN'T STOP!

I even woke up my fiancee to try and get him to help me. We couldn't do ANYTHING. >..< It just kept on going.
The worst part is the fact that the range top is hardwired into the house, so we couldn't unplug it.
I tried calling Sears, who makes the Kenmore stuff... and they just said "Well, we can get someone out to you on Friday..." AHH! I just can't deal with that clicking until friday!!!
So, I asked her if there wasn't SOMTHING they could do.. any gem of advice.. ANYTHING to make that infernal clicking stop. I got transferred. Then, I got put on hold.
But, in the end, it all worked out. The lady that helped me was so nice! XD Apparently, since my warrenty had run out, they technically wern't supposed to tell me how to fix the problem? O..o I guess they have to capitalize off their service& repair people. That's comforting. Anyway.. since it was the Christmas holiday, and they couldn't send anyone out until Friday (First, they told me Thurs, then Fri, since it had to do with a gas stove) she helped me out. Problem solved! Clicking gone!

Once again, disaster has been averted and my insanity saved! Huzzah!


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