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It's done!

I THINK I remembered to do everything...

And while the trim doesn't look fantastic close up, it looks pretty good from a distance. ^..^

I finished up the corset tonight. Once I got started, I just kept plugging until it was done. Now I can get started on the wedding gown! XD
Mako will be proud of me :snerk:

In any case, today I put in the waist re-enforcements and sewed all the bone casings. I also trimmed all the boning and put it all in. Then, I trimmed it on the top and the bottom. I broke my first sewing needle today, too! I was trying to trim part of it, and accidentally hit the busk with my needle. OOPS. The busk is a rather long peice of metal that runs down the front. IT's also the part that has the hooks on it. HAHAHAHA. Luckily for me, I have LOTS AND LOTS of needles. Thanks, mom!

In any case.. part of my underwear is done! Yay!

Wanna see pictures?

Another front shot
Back shot
Side shot

Ahh.. I'm so happy.

But why does it feel like I'm working on a Clover costume? >..<

Oh- and for those of you who didn't know I was working on this: Mako-chan helped me with a lot of it! She sewed all the peices together, and helped me assemble everything!

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