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Well, I haven't received my grades yet. Graduation is this weekend. I checked Bearweb, and neither of my HP grades have been turned in, unfortunately XP However.. I got a C in Men& Women in Prehistory!! I was afraid it would be a D.. I didn't do so well on the midterm. I bombed it, actually. XP In any case.. I got a C! C is passing! Passing gives me 3 needed cred. hours! All I need are my two HP grades, and I'll know what my GPA was for my career as a student. ^..^ (Though.. I must admit, I'm not exactly an over-acheiver.. or really that motivated, so I don't expect it to be great.. but it should be around or slightly over a 3.0 ) Not that it really matters.. but once all the grades are turned in and finalized.. that will mean I've officially finished school.. and I want no more of it! I'm tired of school.

In fact.. I'm just plain tired. I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn for work this morning.

We ran out of white thread today. Imagine that! It forced us to take a much-needed trip to Jo Anne's to get more thread, though.. and that allowed me to get some fabric for my Carmyne and Millenia costumes. I'm going to be scraping by with what I got for Millenia...
I got the perfect fabric, IMO.. but there wasn't a whole lot.. so I'm going to make due the best I can and hope it's all enough. If not, I'll have to somehow find some more. I took the rest of the bolt at the fabric store, so hopefully they'll re-order? I don't know. From what Mako-told me, there are quite a few fabrics I'm waiting on that they should have re-ordered.. but for some reason, the computers are wacky.

I'm thinking about working on the corset some more while Greggo& Mako are out.. but I'm paranoid about how my machine will misbehave. >..< I really need to take it in and have it worked on. I dare not use the "new hotness," either. XD (Mako's new machine, Shiro-chan) But.. now that I've fitted the corset, I feel a lot better about the progress on my dress. I love corsets.. and I've always wanted to own a proper one of my own. Now, we're making one! Mako's doing the sewing b/c baka shinbashi is acting up.. but at least I can try to help by figuring out the pattern, and getting in the way a lot. IT looks so gorgeous, though! None of the boning is in yet, and the top& bottom arn't hemmed.. and the bias tape isn't in the center yet.. but it looks so good! I'll have to post photos later.


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