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Yes.. Procrastination is my job skill. I never said it was a *hirable* job skill... but I tell ya, it's what I'm good at.
I'm supposed to be finishing up a research paper for my LAST final tomorrow. I'm writing about gender differences in ancient Egypt, siting any possible changes in attitude around the reign of Hatshepsut, and how she may or may not have changed the general Egyptian view of women and their respective gender roles. I'm the only person in the class.
The paper isn't that tough. I have lots of sources.. but getting started is ALWAYS the tough part. If I can finish it up tonight, though.. I can sleep in tomorrow, and get all sorts of work done!
Integral's list of things to do tomorrow:

1) Finish my last final for my last class in my last year of college.
2) Clean the house so the guest doesn't think I wallow in a pit of receipts and shopping bags. (Which I do! BWAH!)
3) Work on my much-happy wedding corset. I must say, it looks good! LOL (I cut out all the peices, and Mako-chan attached the brocade to the outer layer of coutil. None of it is assembled yet.)
4) CALL THE CATERER. She was supposed to give me a call when she had a chance to talk to her baker about how we could make my cake look a little bit like a castle without being hideously tacky or hideously expensive. I haven't received a call yet. Either she couldn't find my number, hasn't talked to the baker yet, or just plain forgot. In any case.. I need to give her some money and work on finalizing the catering/decorating plans.
5) Find out what happened to my signet ring. Mom bought my Baylor ring as a graduation present. Apparently, she set everything up so I could go to the ring ceremony. The ceremony was last week. I found out about all of this from my mom today. T..T Now I need to find out where my rign is!!! >..< I think the alumni association ate it. Must go track it down, pick it up, and show it off to the universe

That's not TOO much to do for tomorrow, right?? >..


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