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Cool Point 1, as stated before: A few months of paid account time on LJ is THE COOLEST Christmas present ever!

Cool point 2: You can have up to 10 user pictures!! You see, in the past, I was almost CERTAIN paid accounts were allowed extra user pictures, but only up to 6. That's still double the free users. But wow! Now I need to fill up more space! Mako-chan was a dove and made me some.. so I picked the really cool Baiken one, and the manga shot of the girl with the creepy looking dolls. I may be wrong.. but from the art style I think it MIGHT be Petshop of horrors? >..<
I also uploaded a new Integral one I had been working on for a few days. (Funny how the timing is on that..) and I started on a Millenia theme.

Cool point 3: Because I have lots of really good reference pictures for Millenia, I also have the artist's character drawings with the many many moods of Millenia.. That makes a great avatar set!

Cool point 4: If you have a paid acc... when it expires, it goes back to a free account. However.. all your LJ user pics and your theme stay the same. Until you want to change it, that is..
But let's face it kiddos.. I almost never change my user pics.. and I don't know the first thing about changing my layout. Happy!

Cool point 5: DDR Max kicks ass. It's a LOT harder, IMO than the previous US DDR releases.. but it's really cool. The hardest beginner level songs go all the way up to 6 feet! I'll NEVER be able to finish standard mode.. or hard mode! That's cool, though.. .I want to unlock many many songs, so that's where "cheating" comes in.. in the form of a controller! XD BLASPHEMY!

I really do need to learn how to change at least my background image, though...
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