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I hate it here...

Visiting home kind of sucks.. I noticed my last post about highschool& college raised some hairs with some people...heh.
Well, despite what anyone says, college has been nothing short of fantastic for me. Even though I've been through some hardships...but it's still been great..
Wanna hear a funny story? My FIRST weekend up at college, I went to wal-mart with some freinds in a 64 Impala. We got in a wreck before I even made it back on campus. We were rear-ended by a drunk driver going 68 on a 40 mph road. I was sitting in the back seat, and the whole trunk was crunched up to my head. It was a miracle no one was hurt... I'm not a religious person, but 6 people got out of that car without a scratch, and an icon of the virgin mary was found face up in the center of the car... Make you think
In any case.. wish I could write more.. but somthing's happening that would make an interesting journal topic later


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