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I've been in correspondence with a make up/costume company for approximately a month now. I've been working on getting the perfect body makeup for my Nehelenia costume. When I saw Aimee Major's Shiva costume, I was blown away. Also... she mentioned the body creme she used.. and mentioned that it didn't go anywhere, or come off on her costume at all. This is perfect for what I'd need for an upper-torso application.. and best of all, since the Nehelenia dress is primarily made out of velvet, I won't have to worry about the makeup coming off on the fuzzy fabric.
In any case... Ms. Major said that she bought her makeup from this place called Cinema secrets. I couldn't find anything on the site about what she used,though.. and since it was called "Aqua" body paint, it was near-impossible to find in a search engine. I contacted the company, though, and they've been VERY helpful! I just wanted to write about it and let everyone know how great these people have been. They've answered all my questions, and the lady I have been talking to even asked the owner/founder of the business for his opinion. He sent her an email, and she wrote me back and forwarded his message. :) They've come up with two different types of make up that would work. There's the Kryolan Aqua, which is probably what Aimee has.. and Ben Nye makes a creme color as well. I've had problems getting my Ben Nye to stay in place.. but it's a very good makeup. I've fallen in love with the white cake makeup I use for my VK costumes. In any case.. they make a Finishing Spray/fixative that can be applied that is waterproof, and will keep the makeup from rubbing off in walking, dancing, movement, and extended wear. Since both options sounded good, and these people have been so good to me, I'm going to order both and see what works best :)
They can fix me up with two tones of the Kryolan so I can match the color I'm looking for.. and also the Ben Nye& fixative. (While I was at it.. I should have asked them if they could get Deviant's "Slick" spray for liquid latex!)
But I just wanted anyone out there to know.. that if they need good cake makeup, and need advice on it.. these people are awesome! I'm so happy ^..^


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