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Happy dance!

Today was my last day of class! EVER (I hope!)
Technically, Monday is the last day of class.. but since I don't have classes on mon/wed/fri, today was officially my last day of class! Now.. all I have to do is this research report for Arc., and then show up for 3 finals.. and I've graduated! Here's to hoping I passed them all >..<
I have no idea what my grade is in ballet, but it's probably around a B. If I do well on my final in Raquetball, I'll probably have somthing around a B. I'm not sure about my grade in Arc... but as long as I do well on my final, and do well on my paper, it SHOULDN'T be an issue.
In any case... After five years...I'm finally done!
I'm so tired of school.

But student loans are a bit of a downer. Since I only took 5 cred. hours this semester, I basically "lost" my grace period for the loans... (The grace period started this semester, and now it's over, right when I graduate)
So.. today I sent off my first check to one of my lenders. Hopefully, consolidation will make everything wonderfully easy, and I won't have to worry about sending out 4 checks a months for huge ammounts of money. Sure.. I'll be paying it back for the next 180 years.. but being able to afford the payments... that's kinda important.



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