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Happy Thanksgiving, minna-san!


Happy thanksgiving to everyone. I'm cooking a big ham today! :D
I may work on costumes a little bit, too. I haven't decided yet. I need to make the "underwear" for the bloodberry costume. It should be easy.... but I'm kind of nervous, b/c a lot of people make theirs kinda retarded-looking. No offense to the other bloodberries of course..
I mean, a lot just wear regular white underwear over their costume. I'm going to make mine out of the same spandex as the socks.. and I'm going to double-up the spandex. I just hope it turns out ok T..T IF it doesn't.. heh.. well.. it's not like this is going to take a lot of fabric XD Bwahaha

I also need to make my headband and hair tie. Those will also be super easy. I just need to get everything that needs white thread out of the way so I don't have to fill the bobbin up with somthing new... XD

Hmm.. I also need to hem the obi-thing, and cut the belts for my wrists. Then, I'll have everything damn near complete except for the shoe straps& the shoulder straps for my ropes.



The Bloodberry costume is getting close to completion!!

I still need to ask Ringo to pick up a lot of belt buckles for me when she goes back up to Denver. I'll have to just hand her 10 bucks and say "Get me as much as this will buy!" lol. You just can't get loose belt buckles around here. You can get a few of the tiny dritz ones that you cover with cloth at all the sewing stores.. but you really can't get the nice bigs ones, like the one I used on my Silky costume. And that one... is the perfect size for my Bloodberry costume T..T But I only have one, and I need two.. so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask Ringo to pick up LOTS, so I'll have as many as I could ever possibly need XD

In any case... since Bloodberry is so close to being finished, I might just have time to work on other things for Ushi. It all depends on how far along the wedding dress is by January. If it's pretty close to being done (Body of dress finished.. just needs detail.. etc) I feel I can afford to work on another costume for Ushi. I may just finish Nehelenia or somthing. I can't really remember where I left the velvet dress, though.. T..T

Have to wait and see...


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