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26 November 2002 @ 02:05 pm
Moral Dilemma!!  
I finished the white fleece dress last night...

Yes... that was my evil plan.

But now I'm not sure what to do with it!!
I was going to make a cute& cheesey white mage dress, kinda like the one elfeater and celine made. Those are cute. And since it's not actually really FOR anything, I wouldn't feel guilty about being really unoriginal. But....
Now I'm having second thoughts!

I saw THE cutest sweater on ebay the other night. It was a hoodie in lime green with black sleeves, and had GIR's face on the hood.. (Invader Zim sweater! yay!)
And I haven't entirely figured out how I want to do the red triangles on the dress ( I have no experience with applique, so I'll have to learn quick)

But then I was thinking it would also be cute (and terribly unoriginal.. lol) If I just turned it into a moogle dress, and made some wings for the back. I could also put a moogle face and an antaenna w/a red ball on the top of the hood. Also really cute XD

Either way, I need to go to Jo Anne's and buy a sad 1/4 yard of fleece. I really don't even need that, if they give me a small square.. but I can't do that.. lol. "Just cut me a small square... yeah, that's all I need"

So.. do I just go buy the fleece& fibure out the triangles for the white mage dress.. or since I'm "wooly" (This is the extra Ping Pong Club dogsuit material, here..) turn it into a moogle?

Choices, choices!! XD

(I really should get back to making my real costumes since I've got the time on my hands.... but dammnit.. where is my slick spray?!?!?!?)
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Celine: happyceline on November 26th, 2002 11:47 pm (UTC)
>I was going to make a cute& cheesey white mage dress, kinda like the one elfeater and celine made.

You should... because I love white mages... and it would make me happy! ^_^ Cute~ and happy!!! WHITE MAGES!! I am so lazy, I would say you should do what I did and just iron on the triangles... it's the easiest method ever. Sewing? HA! Sewing is for the weak!!!