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Trouble! Integral's Cosplay Palace in Distress!

Integral is missing her Slick spray. This is a BAD BAD thing. Integral can't take mock-up pictures of the Bloodberry costume without it. Why? Because if Integral puts orange liquid latex on her "talent" and her "talent" touches without slick spray, then Integral's happy boobs stick together, and the makeup job is ruined!


I really don't understand. I bought two cans of latex& one bottle of slick spray. I put them all in the closet. Last night when I did a test run on the hemmed bodysuit& the latex together, I was having lots of trouble.
1) Those people who suggested foam rollers LIED! It makes the latex chunky. I must be doing somthing wrong
2) NO SLICK SPRAY. It's not ANYWHERE to be found. I looked EVERYWHERE I know cosplay stuff is stored, and it's not where I left it, it's not where any other cosplay stuff is, and it's not in any weird place like with the spray paint. This is bad.
3)How Kewl took approximately 6 months to mail it to me. It's not that simple to order more, b/c most places are charging an arm and a leg for it.
4) It's silicone based.. which is hard to duplicate with normal household products. Heaven forbid I have to go out and do somthing embarassing like buy a bottle of some silicone-based "personal lubricant" to find out whether or not it'll keep the latex from sticking together...


This is really frustrating. I don't want to be a mediocre Bloodberry! Whether I can or not... I want to try and have one of the better costumes out there for this character. I really do beleive that any costume can be constructed with hard work& preserverance...


The dissappearance of my costume accessories is not helping anything one bit!!!!
Why can't a SINGLE freaking thing I set down in this house stay in one place?? I don't even have any kids!


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