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I'm so sick& miserable& lonely today! Yuck!
SOMEONE got me sick! I don't know who.. but someone has caused my misery!!! THEYMUSTPAY! XP

I'm gonna gripe about it a bit, so be warned :P
My fiancee's a pharmacist.. I work in retail, and a shitload of stuff broke out @ school again, including another menengitis scare. So, it's anyone's guess how I got sick.. but whatever it is, I'm miserable. I can still touch my chin to my chest, so I don't have to worry about a trip to the hospital, but this is not fun! :( Sinus headaches, sore throat.. that wasn't so bad at first, but now my nose is running non-stop.. and draining into my poor stomach.. and I don't feel like eating b/c the drainage makes me feel nauseous T..T Waah! I wanted to play my Metroid Prime game again today.. but it's in first-person and makes me nauseous. I can usually play for 30 min to an hour without feeling sick.. but now that I'm sick, I can't play at all!
I'm alll alone today, too T..T The fianee's asleep b/c he has to work this week, so I'm allll by myself. :P I really just need a hot meal and some rest.. but I'm feeling too miserable to cook, and I don't know if anyone wants to go out to eat with a miserably sick person. haha!

Some fun things did happen today, though. Akuma& I went out to Wal-Mart today and bought a Christmas tree for the house. We bought a few ornaments, too.. but not too many, as I usually find somthing every year that I think is pretty. We got a fake tree, b/c I'm morally against the real ones. This one is pre-lit.. meaning that all the lights are already on the tree. I've never seen one like that before, and it saves a lot of work in stringing things. That's nifty, yessss. This tree is also very different from the one my parents have b/c it's a little easier to put together. I kind of miss the ritual of the whole thing, but this one's pretty neat. My parents have a tree that comes in approximately 10 billion peices. All the brances are on seperate metal pegs, and all the pegs are color-coded. You basically assemble the center pole and then insert all the branches into holders on the center pole. My tree comes in 4 peices, if you count the base. Basically, you just take peice C and secure it in the base, and then put peice B on top of it, and A on top of that. All the branches are permenantly fixed to the center pole, and when you stand it upright, they all fall into place. It's really cool.
We also bought ornaments, which is cool.. but I.. in my infinite wisdom.. forgot to buy hooks for the ornaments, and none of them come with hooks of their own. Bugger. >..<
So.. the tree looks kinda silly right now. It's got pretty colored lights, a nice skirt, and one sad strand of holographic tinsel. I forgot the hooks, so it has NO ORNAMENTS.. hahaha.
They more than likely have hooks at HEB down the street...But I don't know if I really feel like braving Waco traffic sick& alone for hooks. T..T I'm even more pathetic when I'm sick!

Ooohh.. and I also found Mako-chan a christmas present ^..^ A nifty new Sanrio booth opened in the mall, so I may be able to find Ringo a present there. ( I know you read this Ringo, but I felt it would be wrong not to let you know about the new hello kitty booth)

I still have no idea what to get mom. I never know what to get for her.
I've already found tons of different things I know dad would like..
and I really don't know what to get my brothers... >..<


Oh yeah... a new GameSpot opened in town. Very nifty. We usually go to FX (Local game shop) anyway.. and I'd rather support the small businesses.. but we checked out this new place just to see what they had. The employees had set up a DDR pad by the PS2 demo area. None of them knew how to play, and they were all kinda chickenshit, so I went and showed them how it was done. I was hacking and sniffling and sick, but when it was all said and done, they were all pretty impressed. XD L4m3rz! That was pretty fun, though XD


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