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The hunt for.. um... RAMEN!

I decided to finish watching that golden boy DVD I picked up a while ago. I really liked it ^..^ But.. there was a voice that was bugging me. In the 3rd episode, I thought the character voicing the female heroine sounded a lot like Hyatt, but I wasn't sure. That's Makoto's area of expertise.. and I'm *notoriously* bad at recognizing voices, so I went to look it up. The seiyuu was Shiratori Yuri, but for the life of me, I couldn't find a voice cast for Excel saga T..T (And I thought checking the internet would be easier than popping in the DVD!)
Blargh. So, I eventually found one. Yay! But, I turned out to be wrong. Boo! (Big surprise there, though.. hahaha)
In any case, I saw quite a few sites linking to Takehito Koyasu. (Did I spell that right? T..T) Now.. if I had to pick a fav. seiyuu of all time, he'd have to be it. But, again.. for the life of me.. I always have to be told "Yes... that's Hotohori/Ilpalazzo, etcetc. To make a long story short, I wondered if there were any pictures of him out on the net, b/c I was rather curious as to what he looked like.

I found THIS!

Wow. XD
What a devoted fangirl! Kinda creepy, but very thorough and helpful at the same time! Go webmistress!

As for my thoughts on his picture.. all I'm going to say is that the mystery has finally been solved!
(Maybe I've been talking to my little detective too much in Suikoden III)

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