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I like the Tilde, but I'm pissed off!

Kore wa TILDE desu ---> ~~~ <----
Those are called tildes :)
Anyways.. I was writing a masterpiece of Livejournal art, and lo and behold, my comp messes up again. It's not my fault that this isn't a cable modem at home, and the livejournal site is a bit slow and busy >..< ARGH
To make a long story short, I didn't really have anything in particular to write about. South Texas is boring. and though I've tried to do exciting things in the few days I've been here, I don't feel that it merits being written down.
I drew a nice picture today... I can't wait to get back home and scan it in... which brings me to "home"
I don't feel like I Can really call my parent's home *my* home anymore. I lived here for about 13 years, but I don't feel like this is my home anymore. I feel my house up in Waco is my home. It's really my boyfreind's house, but he said that since I helped him pick it out...helped him pack, move, unpack, decorate, and make it feel like home, it's as much mine as his. In that respect, I feel that my college experiences are unique. They probably arn't, but it feels special to me. For those of you in Highschool...and I know a few of you still are... You know, they say that your highschool years are some of the best years of your life. That's all bullcrap. Highschool royally sucked for me. There was nothing wonderful about it. It wasn't until I moved out that I truely was able to discover myself in college. You need to get out and do things on your own terms. For someone like me.. being able to go out and do things on my own.. without having to ask my parent's permission for *everything* was a wonder in it's own right. Having a job, managing my own money.. no matter how hard it was in the beginning..lol.. was for me, a real and worthwhile experience. Living at home, I had no money.. I had to beg my parents for even 5 dollars...but having a job... ::sighs:: It feels so right for me to be on my own. I was really lonely the first year, and made some big mistakes... those carried through the middle of my second year, as well, until I met my current koibito. :) Ok.. so I didn't do anything crazy like get drunk and have sex with 20 people.. and I was still a virgin and didn't wantonly have sex.. butI made many mistakes in the matters of the heart. You know what, though? It felt really good to screw up and get hurt. At home, I didn't have that freedom. I never had a real boyfreind in highschool.. there was this one guy.. but he was kind of strange... maybe I'll write about him another time...
I can honestly say that I don't study much.. I live off my meager work study paychecks, but I live well. I don't work a whole lot, because I'd rather have fun.. but no work=no $$ to have fun with.. lol. So I save, and do things I know I want to..(Like seeing the Cure live in Concert last June... I'll NEVER forget that!) Or buying anime stuff... and I may not always have the money for things I want, but I have a boyfreind who is kind and takes care of me. I can't really complain about anything.. it was rough the first two years, but I can honestly say that I'm happier now than I ever have been before. I'm happy having 2 or 3 close freinds.. I've actually had enough freinds for once in my life to learn that. I suppose I'mnot a "big happy group" person because I never really had freinds up until college. I've always been on the outer fringe.. but once I hit college, I met a few select people that I want to stay in contact with well into my senior years. I could really go on and on about this, and my many hours of contemplation spent on the meaning of "goth" and "death" and "life" but I suppose I'll save that for a shorter post, ne?
BTW- I've decided to put horny as my current mood.. lol. I've never seen what it looks like, so don't misinterprit..lol

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