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Things that came to my attention throughout the day:

~Waking up at the butt-crack of dawn for store meetings still sucks.
~I'm ready for a new job.
~I'm in another creative slump. I feel very creative, but it's like my plug broke, so I don't fit any outlets. Maybe I'll explode.
~I need to get Keeper's very belated birthday present back from a certain Goat.
~I'm VERY happy my last check found its way where it belongs, b/c the new Duel Jewel album is VERY good! (Backstory: I mailed one, and it got lost, so I had to cancel the check and re-send one to the person I was getting the new Duel Jewel album from. Luckily, the second one made it safely, and I got the CD in.. and it's good!)
~I need to work on somthing.. ANYTHING. There are too many projects left unfinished.


Consider me freaked out.

I am, for the moment, however.. in a blissful state of rest. There are so many stressors right now.. but I'm in between urgent deadlines for school work, financial aid stuff, etcetc... if I can sort things out in this little time I have...
Bleh. We'll see what happens. I still need to finish paying for the caterer and the reception hall... along with car payments, student loan payments.. and finishing a few costumes.

I'm having a tough time deciding what I can realistically do, costume-wise, within the next three months.

I have a costume I've been working on for about a year, on and off.. mostly off... I really wanted to finish it by Ushi, but I don't think it's going to happen.

I have a group costume that absolutely must be finished by Ushi. It's made very good progress.. and I think it's going to turn out ok. I just need to get to work on the gloves.

I have another group costume. Who knows when I'll be wearing it? I don't.. and I haven't really started yet... there's sooo much I need to do with PVC and hair extensions on that one.. the sheer ammount of work frightens me... because....

Ushicon is in Feb. My wedding is shortly thereafter....


I have a considerable ammount of costume work I need to do in addition to working on my wedding dress.

I could just die.

I don't really know where to start, b/c I need to make the corset first. I can't start on the corset yet, b/c I need to find a place where I can get the metal boning, pattern, and all other stuff I need.. it needs to be ready and underneath the dress before I make the dress.. and I don't have the pattern for that modified yet.

I swear I'm going to have a breakdown. This really is no fun. I honestly don't know why girls like all this wedding shit. It's been nothing but stress for me.

Anyway.. on to good news.

Even though I had to work until 7 pm last night, my fiancee was VERY sweet and bought tickets for the Harry Potter movie for the midnight showing last night. Needless to say.. I was dead at the store meeting. (Movie was 3 hours long, and I had to be at work at 6:30 in the AM) But.. at least this way.. I can actually participate in a conversation about the movie. >..< I know that's all I'll be hearing about for a while, so I really wanted to make sure I didn't feel any more left out than usual. All the people at work think I'm weird XP Oh well.

Also.. fiancee said it was ok to put up a Christmas tree in the house this year. This makes me happy, b/c I will more than likely be stuck up at home for the holidays due to work. Again.. that's up in the air b/c of the student loan stuff... but for the time being, I'm assuming I won't be home. So.. I get to pick out a nice little fake tree from Wal-Mart soon, and buy lights& ornaments& tinsel for it. I'm pretty excited about it... and fiancee's using it as an extra excuse to be sweet. He's insisting on filling up the skirt with presents... I told him it couldn't be done, though, b/c I can't find anything for him!

Blah.. anyway.. back to my search for GOOD corsetry info. I need to find a pattern I like... that's going to be the hard part. I may be able to find a design I like.. but finding a pattern for the design might be more difficult. If I can find a good place, I may just mail my brocade off and ask someone else to do it. I don't want to pay 300.00, though....


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