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Deep thoughts O..o

In with the good air...
Out with the bad...
These past few days have been interesting indeed. Max was able to show up and we hung out for 3 days. I was really happy that he could make it over, b/c it didn't turn out for Thanksgiving. So.. that's been the major reason I haven't updated... The other being... Oh.. I don't know.. My parents decided to pick me up a day early and I had to run my butt off to get everything packed in time. I'm upset, too, because Max made me a present of MP3s, and I didn't pack the disk to take with me.. so.... it'll be at least two weeks now before I find out what's on it >:{ On top of that.. by the time I get back, I won't even remember where I put it.. in fact... I can't remember now where it is. ARGHHH. Well, I did remember to bring the Dahlia Final with me, so I do have somthing good to watch. I also brought the V2 concert with me as well as a bunch of anime. I've been enjoying 16-bit SNES RPGs too. I hope I can make the best out of this vacation. I can't say I love coming home. I care about my family, but after living with the same people for 18 years, and suddenly being free from them.. Well.. These past two-three years away from home have been pretty incredible. I'm so glad I got out of the valley and did my own thing. I *am* doing the college thing, but I'm also doing the *hime-chan* thing by making my own mistakes. I'm enjoying messing my life up on my own. I quite like it
Don't any of you feel intimidated, though? Not by life in general.. but by the LiveJournal. I do.. sort of. I know that my freinds and strangers will be reading this testament to my life.. but should I feel pressured to write somthing insightful, in-depth, or even coherant? what if I wanted to Hold the "A" key down for exactly 14 seconds? That would make a statement too, I think. I suppose I'd have to come up with a darn good statement...but still..Sometimes I carry a lot of self-doubt, guilt, low self-esteem..whatever you may want to call it... Just because I wonder if people reading this will think I'm an idiot without getting to know me.
But I suppose if you get down to it, it's an issue of whether or not I'm going to let the opinions of people I don't know rule my life. It doesn't sound to pleasant...
So screw it. Here's 14 perfect capitals A's just for you(since 14 secs worth would be a lot of A's):


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