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08 November 2002 @ 07:27 pm
I declare WAR!
Well, not really... but I think something must be done about the CoK mailing list soon. I loathe to move to anything drastic.. but I think I may have to start banning people tonight. Too many people are leaving the list because of the fangirls. They send me emails about it, too.. and the emails make me very, very sad... Mostly because I sympathize with them wholly and completely. I think that the CoK is a prime example of everything that's rotten about the Western J-rock fanculture. It's the fangirls. They're ruining everything.
I REALLY want to make one of my own tie designs for Natsuki of DJ this summer.. but I don't think I'm going too.. because I think all mature fans still have a somewhat bitter lingering aftertaste of the panty incident of last year. I don't want hugs.. I don't want to throw panties.. Maybe if I buy a ticket for the banquet, I can present it to him there.. but I'm more worried about whether I'll be seen as a giggly fangirl than whether or not he'd like it... Which is a depressing thought.

I play bass guitar... rather, I used to. I played for about 5 years, until I had to give it up for college. There are a lot of reasons tied to that (lack of time to play.. lack of space in the dorms.. my little brother took my bass, etcetc) But ever since I tried to learn how to play, I've really admired the bassists of some of my favorite groups. Bass is the instrument which I feel gets overlooked the most. If you don't know what you're listening for.. even if it's really good, you might not hear it. There are some very complicated basslines out there... not as many in American rock as J-rock... But as with any type of music, it all depends on the band. U2 has some pathetically easy bass lines in their ballads... Stone temple pilots has played with some rather complicated bass lines. Some J-rock bands are the same... but.. all the same, I really admire the bassists out there... and when I saw DJ live.. well.. you guys know what a powerful experience I felt that was. I'm supporting the band by buying their albums.. but since they're coming back to A-kon, I feel I may have a small chance to show them my appreciation for their trip, and the music they've shared with us. The image doesn't matter.. the music is what matters.. but it's all so frustrating. Maybe after my wedding, when it's a little closer to A-kon, I'll think about making ties again. I really don't know if I should buy a banquet ticket or not, though....
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kijima on November 8th, 2002 10:32 pm (UTC)
THAT'S what happened?!?!??!?!

............that bit of info, makes the whole thing ten times funnier to me.

anyway, presenting a gift to ehm shouldn't seem fangirlish if you don't act like one, right??


you're a lady, you'll know how to handle the situation, right?

HIDE your facekyonomiko on November 9th, 2002 12:16 pm (UTC)
Re: THAT'S what happened?!?!??!?!
Yeah. I got my info a little muddled (even though I was there)
Next time I catch you on AIM, I'll tell you the whole story.