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OK... so... I get all the way through this dumb part where I have to "fight" these council-knights or whatever.. and my little fortune-teller dhalsim guy blows them up with a fireball.. and then more show up...
And they hit me for a CRAPLOAD of damage each time... So, I figured it was another battle I couldn't win..

NO! BLARGH! I was supposed to beat them, b/c I got a game over after they kicked my butt and wiped the floor with it! Nyargh! I had even put Mel (&Brankey) into my party. She did her little devil-doll attack, and took off like 600 HP on this one knight, and it didn't even phase him. There are 4 of them!!!! I can't beat them! >..< I'll try again. Third time's a charm, right? IF I can't get it after this try, maybe I'm not ment to play this game anymore :(
Dumb Suikoden. Why do I have to love you so much when you kill these puds with no mercy?

Oh yeah.. and I've decided that I don't like Gary Steinman, or whatever his name is. He seems to be the "RPG reviewer" at the OPM (Official playstation magazine) place, but he gave SuikodenIII shit reviews.. and gave Wild Arms 3 shit reviews.. and probably gave every other RPG released this DECADE shit reviews. Ok.. I haven't played that much Wild Arms 3 yet, but it seems really cool so far.. and Suikoden III is definitely cool in my book. But he tells everyone that it's crap, and not to buy the games. He suggests rental if you're hell-bent on playing them >..< And he hardly ever says anything NICE about a game. He'd probably say I was an uncultured idiot or somthing for liking all this stuff he gives bad reviews. :( Oh well. He gets paid for his opinion, and I don't. (Wouldn't that be a dream job for me? HAHAHAH)

Stupid Thomas.. oh well.. I guess I'll try again :(


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