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Hoeeee....Dead to the world.

I was thinking about throwing a halloweeney party the weekend after HAlloween. Not too many people seemed interested, and it pissed me off.
Now I'm over it.. and wondering if I should do it anyway. I bet no one will show up. :/
Heero will, though. I should email him directions to my house..... >..< This makes me so sad! Everyone only wants to go to the LOCAL party at someone else's house this weekend. I don't know why I bother. I have too many other things to worry about.. like the wedding, graduation, class, work, financial aid.... BWA!

I guess I bother and cause all this drama b/c I get lonely sometimes.. But I really don't even have time to be lonely anymore. I just get sad instead.

On the bright side, Goat's ego-stroking has slightly poked my creativity in the butt. I feel like making things now.
I bought a really attractive dress/jacket from wal-mart yesterday... but the creativity worked against me. I immediately tore it up and decided to make it into a Carmine costume (Grandia Xtreme) I mean.. it was really cool. Red fuzzy denim.
I think we have pictures up on the site or the BBS or somthing, of me in a ghetto photo. I ripped the arms off so I could alter it for the Carmine jacket, but now I don't have the regular jacket anymore XD


And I have so many good ideas for jackets and shirts and ties that I want to make, too. I should do somthing tonight, I guess.. but it's already getting late, and tomorrow I have class, and an appointment with the catering/decoration/cake lady.

I wish I could find my Radiohead CD.


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